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Wind Direction // Surf Size 1 ft1-2 ft2-3 ft3-4 ft4- 6 ft6-8+ ft
NEGower Reefs
(Low Tide)
Llangennith or Freshwater West (Most Tides)Llangennith or Freshwater West (Most Tides)Gower Reefs, Llangennith or Freshwater WestLangland Bay (Low Tide)Crab Island (Low Tide)
EGower Reefs (Low Tide)Llangennith (Most Tides) or Freshwater West (High Tide)Llangennith(Most Tides) or Freshwater West or Rest Bay (Mid- High Tide)Horton Reefs (Mid - High Tide)Hunts Bay (Mid to High Tide)Manorbier (High Tide)
SEFreshwater West (Most Tides)Llangennith (Most Tides) or Freshwater West Rhossili (High Tide rising)Aberavon (Mid- High Tide)Manorbier (High Tide Ebbing)Whitesands Bay (Low- Mid Tide)
SFreshwater West (High Tide)Rhossili (High Tide rising)Rhossili (High Tide rising)Manorbier (High Tide ebbing)Broughton (High Tide)Cardigan Bay
SWFreshwater West (Light Winds)Freshwater West or Llangennith (Long boarding) Langland Bay (Low- Mid Tide)Langland Bay (Low Tide)Langland Bay (Low Tide)Oxwich Point
WFreshwater West or Llangennith (Long boarding) Freshwater West or LLangennith (Long boarding) Langland Bay (Low- Mid Tide)Langland Bay (Low Tide)Broad Haven (High Tide)Oxwich Beach or Broadhaven (High Tide)
NWFreshwater West or Llangennith (Long boarding) Freshwater West or Llangennith (Long boarding) Caswell or Langland Bay (Mid- High Tide)Langland Bay (Low Tide)Broad Haven (High Tide) or Llantwit MajorFreshwater East (High Tide)
NGower Reefs (Low Tide)Gower Reefs (Low Tide)Gower Reefs (Low Tide)Porthcawl (Mid to High Tide)Porthcawl Reefs (High Tide)Tenby S. Beach (High Tide)
Best beaches in S. Wales with variable wave size and wind direction
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