Profile, Commissions and Workshops


Phil’s photographs are published internationally. He is author and photographer of ‘All Action Wind n Surf’ (Waylands) and regularly contributes to ‘Carve Magazine’ and ‘Storm Rider Guide’ (see 2019 edition). His work has also featured in ‘Surf Science’ and magazines such as ‘Edge’, ‘Surf’ and ‘GQ’. In 2012 he was an accredited Olympic photographer.


To arrange a photoshoot and capture all the images you need whether action, still life or fashion. All enquiries to or 01792 367571


Phil’s location workshops now in their 3rd year aim to improve photographic skills and portfolio photographs. Learn how to capture lasting quality images through discussion, one to one tuition or group experience. For more information please contact or 01792 367571

Prints & Photographs

These can be purchased online by visiting phil holden.html and searching under keywords (Surf, Surfing, Surfers…) choosing from over 1000+ pictures

Self portrait of Phil Holden

Member of the Association of Photographers since 1984

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