Langland Bay

Langland Bay Photo Copyright Phil Holden/Surf's Up Mag

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Langland Bay is surfed mainly in the Winter. At high tide the shore break offers short but powerful rides . At low tide, long lefts at Rotherslade (the other end of the beach) are worth waiting for. In the bay there are both lefts and rights breaking over patches of sand with rocky outcrops. Crab Island has quality right-handers prized by many; this is one of World Class Surfer Carwyn Williams' favourite waves and he still travels home at least once a year to surf it. There are now 6 surf shops within walking distance in Mumbles. They stock a wide range of new and second hand boards, suits etc. To see a daily wave picture and tide info. for Langland Bay check the WEB CAM page in the Wave Search Section.

Chris French 200809

Jem Evans Feb 08


Pete Jones 22.10.06

Simon Tuckett

Chris "Guts" Griffiths May 22nd 06

Lloyd Cole

Rotherslade Lefts


'Brains' 090804

Johnny James Langland Shorebreak 271005

Tyson and Spick

Ian Thompson 22 oct 06

Summer surf on The Island 300812